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English has never met a word it didn't love, and neither should you :D. Build an endless set of new fantasy words and have hours of fun for -- most of the family*.
*Not responsible for naughty/NSFW words produced by the application, intentionally or unintentionally. Actually this word generator could be used for all kinds of nefarious purposes and I'd never even know about it. I mean, what if the next Osama Bin Ladin writes a speech and wants inspiration from MY word generator. I would never even realize that he was terrorizing the world with all kinds of made up words from my own little corner of the internet! George W. Junior would finally have met his match, an international terrorist with the power to deploy more made up words then he could ever hope to concoct in his entire lifetime. Oh, the humanity! Maybe I should delete the whole program right now, but I can't because one can't be asked to destroy one's own creation! It's mine and I love it so! So what if my little word generator grew up to create horrible machinations of english for deviant minds. It didn't know better. It just wanted to create happy little words that would be loved. How could you be so cruel to such a noble invention. Or maybe I'll just put this here. This Word Generator shall not be ued for evil stuff... There. That'll stop 'em!

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